Swim Stories

What crosses your mind when you cross the pool?

Designed by a writer who swims, this workshop is for swimmers who write, or anyone who thinks about swimming. Participants are invited to write in a compelling way about their experiences in the water. Start a poem or song, add a scene to your screen play, develop a chapter to your memoir, or a character in a short story. Whatever your writing style or chosen form, the write from life lab is a place to experiment and deepen your practice.
Not a swimmer? Write about why.

The lab meets three Wednesdays in June at the YMCA (and by ZOOM!) when we will read, write and swim together! Read more and register for WRITE FROM LIFE: SWIM STORIES  https://www.pennhighlands.edu/workforce-community/personal-enrichment/ The Write From Life Lab is facilitated by Jo Novelli-Blasko (jonovelliblasko.com) and offered through Penn Highlands Community College’s personal enrichment program.

This Write From Life Lab convenes three Wednesdays in June 9, 16, and 23, and asks participants to write from and about their personal experience in a compelling and meaningful way. Swim Stories is an invitation to think about swimming, how we do it, where, when, and why. From the Soakzone at Idlewild Park, to the Ocean and the YMCA pool, swims happen in a variety of contexts. Consequently, swimming offers an infinite array of metaphors like testing the waters,  taking a dip, or riding a wave. Write From Life Lab is a place to experiment with how to access these metaphors and make meaning in and through writing from experience. Participants will be  challenged to write about swimming in a way that can matter to other people. Through reading, writing exercises and research prompts, participants are invited to compose a Swim Story. Participants are asked to bring a favorite writing instrument and a journal for recording their work. Register here: https://www.pennhighlands.edu/workforce-community/personal-enrichment/

Write From Life Lab: Swim Stories will meet at the Johnstown YMCA from 5:30-7:30. Local writers who pay the Materials Fee will enjoy an hour of swimming from 7:30-8:30.