Survey of Urban Habits

  • Choose one of your Urban Habits and give it a specific name. For example…“Buying Food From a Street Vendor” vs. “Food Habit”
  • Describe your urban habit with as much detail as possible. Your description might be a sequential list of actions, a series of drawings, a narrative paragraph, a poem, or a word cloud.
  • How is your habit particular to the urban environment where it exists? Consider how your habit would change, if you expressed it in a rural, country, village, or town setting.
  • Draw one detail of your habit and label it. Upload your JPG or PNG file.
  • Plot your commitment to strict adherence to your habit on the scale of 1 to 5 where 1 represents “everytime I express my habit, it is different” and 5 represents “every single detail of my habit is the same every time I express it.” For example: if you stop at a deli for a beverage every week, do you order the same coffee, sit in pay with cash, tip the same amount? A habit with fewer variations is a more rigid habit.
  • Give this habit a name.
  • Give it a name and identify the city where it happens/ed.
  • The Habitorium will share survey results with you!