About Jo

I am an artist based in Phoenix Arizona. My work integrates painting, performance and writing. My current and most enduring work is The Habitorium, a platform for creative efforts through curiosity.

These paintings are available. Please inquire to commission a habit portrait, or survey. Read more about The Habitorium’s services.

He reads for democracy, empathy and liberation II (2020) 11 X 15 inches
14.25x12 watercolor on paper
She is happy to be surrounded by books, keeps her books when she’s finished reading them, and reads in moving vehicles. (2020) 12 X 14.25 inches SOLD
He’s such a prolific reader, he even reads on leave, in Venice. (2020) 15.75 X 11.75 inches
She collects illustrations of flora and fauna II (After Audubon) (2020) 8 X 10 inches SOLD
Tioga St. Market (After a photograph by Brian Ensley) (2018) 7 X 7.5 inches
Errant Bear (2018) 11 X 7.5 inches
Errant Animal: UNCAGED! Errant Circus Elephant (2019) 15 X 11 inches