Officiant Services

My interest in officiating unions is a consequence of my divorce. I was determined that the ruination of my marriage vows would not be the final word on weddedness! Now, I gleefully pronounce celebrants united, partnered, wed, mated for life, or however you come to be together till death do you part. I equally enthusiastically facilitate your apologies and forgivings, and will witness any wager you venture to make.

My interest in officiating also emerges from my faith in the power of language to get things done. When you speak a promise out loud and mean it, you change the terms of your relationship to another person. The same is true when you act with your heart to forgive someone, say you’re sorry, or lay a bet. I believe speaking truth into the world makes it a different place. As an officiant, I witness these spoken gestures and celebrate all the changes they create and the hope they manifest.

Ceremonial Paperwork, Scripts, Costs

My officiating services require celebrants to complete a Survey of Habits of the Heart. This instrument will outline what is important to you in preparing for your pronouncements. Respond as fully as possible; be forthcoming. Your reply will guide us in shaping a ceremony to best represent your intentions. In addition to a Survey of Habits of the Heart, wagers require a signed contract documenting what’s at stake. Marriages require a license to make it official with the state.

Each ceremonial event will have a unique script built through a conversation about your response to the Survey of Habits of the Heart. The more robust your response, the more closely aligned your intentions can be to the ceremony we design together.

Since each ceremony is as unique as its participants, my fee for service will vary. Officiating fees begin at $100 for a basic service and range to $500 or more for elaborate proceedings. Basic service includes one hour with me to plan your pronouncements, unlimited email follow up and a gathering of four celebrants (the couple and two witnesses) at a local venue. Travel costs will accrue for services performed 25 miles outside zip code 85016, they are in addition to the officiating fee. NOTAFLOF