select projects, press

Downtown Salon Six conversations about Women Art and Activism (June 2021), at ArtHouse6 and by ZOOM, Johnstown PA

The Survey of Cook Book Habitry (April to June 2021), at Classic Elements, Johnstown PA

My residency at On Chestnut gets a mention in PostIndustrial, a quarterly dedicated to the current state of affairs in the rustbelt. Read the article here:

The Bedford Incident: Administrative Happening and Facilitated Conversation (February 27, 2021), at ArtHouse6 and by ZOOM, Johnstown PA .

The Survey of Bookish Habits (March to May 2020), at IAMB Gallery, Pittsburgh

For the Love of Johnstown at Inclined to Read Bookstore, (2019) conversation, non-profit gathering

6 0f 1 Juried Student Show,
First Studio, Phoenix AZ (2004)
photography by high school and university students, documenting the 6 of 1 performance.

Home is Where the Gob Is…
NY, Berkeley, Phoenix (1996-2007)
This performance and video project explores the subtleties of comfort food in relation to body image and geography. A Gob is a chocolate snack cake with crème filling that is wrapped in cellophane with a sailor printed on the front. Gobs are made exclusively in my hometown at Dutch Maid Bakery. I’ve been eating Gobs all my life and, recently, I’ve been asking other people, friends and strangers alike, to indulge my nostalgia and eat a Gob while I video tape them doing it. As they eat, we talk about the cake’s name, its flavor, the pleasures of hometown tastes and the shelf life of snack foods. Some participants reflected on childhood experiences while others revealed extensive details about their eating habits and health.