The Habitorium

The Habitorium, established in 2013, is a studio focused on my research into habits. It is an archive and a place where I make art about habits. The Habitorium holds more than 12,000 analog images (snapshots, film, slides) and a modest library of books and mid-century printed matter. I paint and write from The Habitorium, combining the evidence of my conversations with people about habitual behavior, and familiar images.

Under the auspices of The Habitorium, I have devised seven surveys among them: The Survey of Gallery Going Habits (2017), The Survey of Joyful Habits (2018), and The Survey of Bookish Habits (2020). The completed surveys are all held in The Habitorium archive and provide hours of interesting reading.

The Habitorium studio and archive are open to the public by appointment, chance and contrivance.