open letter to gg

dear goth gardeners:
you rock.

i recently joined your fb group and, as with most social circumstances since 2013, i’m not quite sure how i got here. i check the feed daily and am astounded by the content every time: amazing plants, design ideas, gorg found objects, great advice, humor and FASHION! since joining, i’ve learned there are many such groups and pages, but i’m a loyalist – i stay put despite all my watery, piscean ways. besides, yours is one of my most favorite groups to follow.

thanks to you, i’m starting a thread on my blog for ‘gardening’ under the greater category of the habitorium. writing under this new category will be addressed to you. i’ll share content inspired by all the good wishes i’ve cast for you and your plants, the insights i’ve gained from your generous sharing, and all the notes i’ve scribbled to you. consider this thread a huge overflow of love from this black, black heart of mine.

posts in the works:
  • whats goth got to do with it?
  • i kill cacti in the desert
  • don’t jump with that hedge trimmer!
  • moss and me, ferns and trees
  • jtown gardens seasonally
  • stackhouse park rocks
i wont give any credit to our current leadership, but its got to be more than coincidental how my troubles really started in 2016

every day, when i check the gg feed, i get more rooted to my own garden. its been a tough row to hoe, getting to these roots.

you know how things happen in threes? in the instance of my uprooting, the three things that happened were cubed. the details are astounding and i’m in the habit of sharing them. i’ve made this list special for you, goth gardeners. believe me.

now, i know many lives written in threes cubed can make my story seem paultry. i am acutely aware of the many blessings embedded in my privileges, i count them every day. you, goth gardeners, are one of them. thank you for the chance to exercise these knowings as i plant intentions in the wake of my three ring circus, and seeds in the ground.

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