Jo Novelli-Blasko is an artist and curator living in Johnstown Pennsylvania. She offers Write From Life workshops, lessons in watercolor technique and writing services. Her current and most enduring work is The Habitorium, a platform for research, watercolor painting, performance and writing.

These paintings are available. Please inquire with Jo to commission a habit portrait, or survey. Read more about The Habitorium’s services.

He reads for democracy, empathy and liberation II (2020) 11 X 15 inches
14.25x12 watercolor on paper
She is happy to be surrounded by books, keeps her books when she’s finished reading them, and reads in moving vehicles. (2020) 12 X 14.25 inches SOLD
He’s such a prolific reader, he even reads on leave, in Venice. (2020) 15.75 X 11.75 inches
She collects illustrations of flora and fauna II (After Audubon) (2020) 8 X 10 inches SOLD
Tioga St. Market (After a photograph by Brian Ensley) (2018) 7 X 7.5 inches
Errant Bear (2018) 11 X 7.5 inches
She tears up her books, writes all over them and falls asleep while reading. (2020) 13.75 X 22 inches
Errant Animal: UNCAGED! Errant Circus Elephant (2019) 15 X 11 inches